blog_Picture 1So it would appear that wallpaper is having a resurgence. After skipping, what I would say is one generation, much like oh savings accounts, the thing looks to be in full swing. Of course, this may just be in my circle. It’s like when I found out that not everybody checks the New Arrivals on Shopbop, Zara, Forever 21, and Asos everyday. (why not by the way?)

So far I’ve seen major wallpaper commitments featured here, here, and here. All in small rooms but major nonetheless. We’re not talking your gran mama’s wallpaper pattern with its tiny florals and muted colors, and probable tobacco stains, no no.

Ellie Cashman’s designs feature large, graphic florals against such black backgrounds they almost look 3-D. Big, Bold, Floral, and Graphic. These are the words to live by, and paper by.

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