Style Inspiration

Bomber jackets abound this season, not just at J.Crew but everywhere. I don’t know why. Maybe the industry all went and took some flying lessons and got inspired. After all the hemming and hawing, last season’s peplum turned out to be the perfect silhouette for me, nipping in at the waist and following an already hourglass figure. The bomber is essentially the exact opposite of that. It hits right at the hips with a distinct lack of shoulder definition and bubbles out everywhere inbetween. It’s not the shape for me. Let this be a lesson in taking the trends that work for your body type and leaving the rest. As the only hope I have of looking thin comes from a jacket that nips at the waist and accentuates the shoulders, this is a look I will be passing over for my own good. But, oh how adorbs.

Those pants! The appliqued and embellished pants are a beautiful thing. I’m happy for the focus to be off of denim for now. With the new length and paired with a cozy cardigan, they are perfection. Remember a heel! Otherwise you’ll look like the sad sap in the grocery store who just ran out for some cat food.

More pants and bombers but what I love is the whole matchy-matchy idea coming back into focus. The pants match the shoes which bring out the color in the jacket and the scarf. When I say the idea is difficult to pull off I mean it. You have to go so far to make it look deliberate that it is almost not worth the commitment. And if it’s done wrong, it will make you look like you should be commited if you know what I’m sayin’.

Oh, that ombre knit…

More pants / bombers/ and knits but this time… those SHOES! Simplicity defined with a hint of unexpected color. If they can just keep their price points in check we may have something going here.

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