Daly Dose

There’s a theory that floats around my family like a flu that refuses to flee. The theory is that life is ultimately cyclical. We didn’t come up with this all on our own of course. No, no. In many religions and philosophies it is the same. Some say we are born as babies and we die as babies. Some say we end life as we have lived it thereby applying some sort of karmic retribution or reward. Some even go so far as to say that when we die we are immediately and ruthlessly born again as if that is a good thing. I mean really isn’t once enough? Fucking let me off this ride thanks.

We don’t really get that deep, unless we’ve been drinking, Irish after all. We normally apply this theory of cycles to the ups and downs of living not dying. I mean really, religion can be so morbid.

Having money then losing it. Enjoying good health punctuated by illness. Relationships that are continuously and fundamentally good but salted with a monthly, irrational but spirited, disagreement over toilet paper.

These types of things.

I no longer see it that way. I have revised my view. I am breaking from the pack.

I am having a. shit. week.

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