Very into sneakers right now. To keep them interesting never pair them with jeans. Instead always pants or treated pants like pleather, leather, and coated denim.

mm yum. The embellished sneaker has been a trend for several seasons now. First it was the standard Converse, then the retro New Balance, then the wedge Isabel Marant, then the sporty Nike, and then the spiked and studded as above. Sneakers remain in rotation because, let’s face it, heels don’t always make sense. I mean if we’re being real real here I’m not going to go galavanting around NYC in anything over 2 inches, not if there are more than 4 blocks to walk or any subway stairs to navigate. No.

A boot is always a good alternative but when it gets warmer those will look ridiculous and thus, the sneaker.

Which brings us back around… what do you think of the sneaker above? too tough? or just enough? I can’t decide.

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