To All My Friends,


I would follow that up with the old cliche “You know who you are!” but I don’t actually think that’s true. I don’t think people know when other people consider them friends. I think we all just kind of bumble through life trying to find people we don’t loathe too much. And the friendship is what happens over time spent together. People who understand that Yellowtail does the same job as a Rioja and it’s half the price. People who understand that “fuck” has multiple uses, meanings and intonations and “balls” is never inappropriate. People who ask for your advice about leaving their cheating boyfriend and let you use them as an alibi when you cheat on yours. That’s who you really like.

So drink too much but never drink alone.
Cuss too much but cuss about the same things.

And question other people’s morals but never each other.


Happy New Year,

Your Friend.

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