Hair Inspiration

Guess who got a new redheaded model… Zara! Now it’s twice the fun. I can go there to shop and to get the perfect color for my stylist. Cut my hair again last night and much to my dismay found more grays and general mousy brown-ness coming in at the roots. Grrr. I spent all of 10 minutes in the bathroom and faced the Spanish Inquisition from the hubs…
“What the hell took you so long? What’re you having a little spa day?”
Apparently he hadn’t heard the weeping over my lost youth. In other hair-related news, for years I have heard that to combat frizz you should dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel. I am not one to fall for marketing ploys but I was about to throw out an old t-shirt the other day and I thought hey what the hell. And let me tell you people… magic. So now my mousy brown grays are wonderfully frizz-free. Joy.

via zara

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