So you liked the Shopping Diary eh? I actually posted that by accident. I wrote that article waaaaay back in early 2012 and never submitted the draft. Yesterday, while tagging all the old posts I accidentally submitted it so bygones. Glad you like it! Wanna know what happened in 2012?…

I realized I spent way to much fucking money in 2011.

So in 2012 I spent 72% less than I did in 2011. Success!

How did I do this? Well, I bought a lot less, I waited for sales, I actually returned and exchanged things I knew I wouldn’t wear, and I moved in with a man.

And I was still completely satisfied and that’s the important lesson. It means that chances are, approximately 72% of what I spent in 2011 was unnecessary. Here’s how the numbers broke down…

In January I spent +100% over what I spent in 2011
February -100%
March -88%
April -100% (birthday month = impressive)
May -97%
June -77%
July -68%
August -81%
September -70%
October -60%
November +11% (holiday shopping = 1 for you, 1 for me, 1 for you, 1 for me)

December -92%

All good news. I also set a goal for myself in 2012 of not shopping at all for at least 3 months. They didn’t have to be consecutive but it was a good lesson in “you don’t really need that and life will go on without it” or until it goes on sale next month.

What else did I learn…

Asos makes really poor quality clothing which in and of itself is not a bad thing but combine that with their long shipping times and higher than necessary prices and you have a formula for disaster. How do I know this? I returned everything I bought from there. The reason? Poor quality.

Aldo changed their sizing standards. I bought all 38’s from them until 2011 and in 2012 the 38’s no longer fit and I had to size up to a 38.5 and no I didn’t start retaining water, they introduced half sizes, hence the change in fit. Aldo is also a Canadian brand and much like European brands, their product runs small. Note to self… now a 38.5 at Aldo.

I never wore these shoes.

It’s now nearing the end of 2013 and they’re still in the unworn pile. They still have the dreaded “?” next to them on the Shopping Diary. Which leads me to wonder why… is it fit? No. They fit great, comfortable, sexy, all the things you want in a shoe. Is it that I never had the occasion? Possibly. I have gone out quite a bit in the last year and a half though, dinners, dates, clubbin’ as they say. Or is it the color…

Ahhh there it is. All of the other shoes I bought in 2012 were, you guessed it, black. And all of them were worn at least once. So it’s probably the color. Does this mean don’t buy any colorful shoes in the future? No, not necessarily. Instead just recognize that money is being thrown out the window so you can look at something pretty, not wear it. File these under “art”.

I am an “L” at Zara. Always have been, always will be. Another interesting thing is the “Zara, Store Brand, Sweater w/Back Teardrop Opening, Grey, L” that has never been worn. Why?! Grey… hello perfect color for me. A cableknit sweater with a sexy detail on the back? Hello! Right on target. I knew the problem with this when I was at the register and it hasn’t changed in over a year. It’s too pretty. It’s just too pretty! And I know if I wear it I’m going to ruin it. File that one under “art” as well.

Understanding your sizing at different retailers is key to shopping online successfully and not drowning in a sea of return labels.

What did I discover about discounts…

J.Crew offers steep discounts in January
Most everything at BCBG is 30% off in June
Amazon is always a good idea
Zara only has sales in January and July
Forever 21 has a wicked sale in November

and I need to get a life.

New addition of note:
When you get a gift certificate, it doesn’t count as spending money, not yours anyway, which is a bonus! So the price should say $0, the purchase price should say $0, the discount is 0% and the notes should say GC… also you’re a lucky bastard and you have awesome friends. Remember to notice if you wear what you buy with a gift certificate because if you don’t use it you’re throwing away your friends’ money instead of your own. Remember to replace the “?” that will inevitably linger with, “I’m a dick.” and take your friend out to dinner.

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