Hair Inspiration

I’m getting older… yes I know but it is true. And as I enter “I Feel Bad About My Neck” territory I am reminded of sage advice about aging and style.
1. is avoid wearing black around the face. It ages you they said. It brings out your wrinkles they said. It doesn’t do anything for the color of aging skin they said. Yea I don’t care about any of that so shutup. Moving on…
2. is use the hair to frame the face and make it appear as round as possible, therefore appearing younger. This is why many a mature woman cuts her hair to the length of a baby elephant. Short of that, face framing layers are recommended. I’ve had those for years rendering me looking about 12 when I wear my hair down which I almost never do. Lately though, I’ve been making more of an effort and I’m starting to wear my hair down more, forgoing the ever present topknot from time to time. Alternatives to the topknot are required. So when the “if it’s down, it’s done” isn’t possible, the low, messy pony may be a more interesting option.

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