.. of Shopping

This is one of those situations I find myself in every once in awhile. This blazer looks incredible on her. It does. But, then you find out it’s 100% Polyester. Now I’m not one of those purists that has a problem with man-made materials because someone had to pick the cotton so really isn’t everything man-made. It’s like a vegan who carries an iPhone… Chinese sweatshop workers are animals too buddy. 
The problem is that anything 100% Polyester is going to feel like shit. There is no avoiding it so don’t try. Even Forever 21, which I’m sure is the number one importer of Polyester, still carries a few pieces which contain silk. Why do they do this…
Because Polyester feels like shit.
Really, you could mix it with some Peanut Butter and the piece would feel infinitely better against the skin than Polyester. 
So I’m torn.
Super cute! Super durable! (Polyester is pretty durable stuff. The seams will give out before the fabric does.) And super shitty to the touch…
Is it better to look boring but be wearing quality materials that feel luxurious and amazing against your body or to look amazing and deep, deep down know you’re wearing crap.

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