.. of Interiors

Lovely living room. Need a coffee table in a jiffy? Mom coming over and need to look like a grown-up fast?? Magazines and a piece of glass and done.

Notice that even in a relatively small space there is a lot of furniture and large scale artwork, two of my most favorite things. I once had someone walk into my home and exclaim, “how did you get all this furniture in here?!” She was genuinely puzzled. But, I love it when people can flop. You know? You just walk into a space and flop onto something. I’d rather it not be the floor cuz I have cats so ew. 
At the same time, especially with an abundance of furniture, large artwork is critical because it makes a small space less cluttered. A lot of teeny, tiny frames feels messy. Go big or go home… a messy home. Small pieces also make the eye bounce around from place to place whereas large pieces focus your attention exactly where you want it. Use this technique to distract from the less desirable surfaces of your home. Don’t like your floors? No one will see them if there’s a massive print of a naked woman on the wall… no sir. (or a print of a massive naked woman, word placement is also important.) For example, I’m having a huge 5′ canvas print of a beach hung in my stairway because I hate the carpet and can’t change it. Problem solved.
In both cases, furniture and artwork, make sure you really love it. Because why would you want to live with something you don’t (unless you’re already married to it. kidding! love you honey! kidding. honey doesn’t read my blog).

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