.. of Interiors

After working the longest holiday weekend of my life, I want to go to there.

A lot of people say, “oh, you work in a coffee shop, you must always be awake and caffeinated!”

oh nay, nay. I want bed times. so tired.

Ever notice how we become children when we’re really tired. Everything’s I want a nap, draw me a bath, warm milk please. I require affection when I’m tired. I’m not the cranky type, I’m more the snuggles type. And this weekend I snuggled with an entire bag of Tostitos… party size.

I watched a documentary not too long ago called ‘Hungry for Change’ and one of its pieces of advice was to never eat when you’re feeling extreme emotions, tired, sad, angry, happy. We crave comfort foods when we feel extreme emotion so we make extremely bad food choices…

tostitos/tired/snuggles… go to there.

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