.. of Interiors

I am absolutely in love with this “dressing room” idea.

If you follow the blog, you know I keep my closet much like a store. Everything is organized by category. Shorts on one shelf, pants on another and so on. And everything is visible, not tucked away in drawers. Getting dressed is like browsing your favorite store and everything is your size! This home takes that idea to another level.
Imagine creating a space between your bathroom and your bedroom as a dressing room but making it so open that it feels like a store or a fitting room in a store and some lovely stylist has already pulled some things for you to try on. I’ve seen a lot of people expanding their bathrooms to gigantic proportions and they’re beautiful but who the hell wants to spend 3 hours in a muggy, hot, sweaty, steamy shower room with a toilet of all things. This is the perfect solution to that. Tiny bathroom, HUGE DRESSING ROOM!
Add some large scale artwork, a rug, a cozy chair to put on shoes, and a full-length mirror, preferably not facing the shower or the toilet (why do people do that?) and just sit back and be generally amazed at yourself.

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